samedi 2 mars 2013

SEO Will Not Die, But Will Definitely Take On A New Direction

By Carl Campbell

Most SEO experts are stipulating that the year of 2013 is a more challenging year for SEO. If you're one of those web site owners whose websites have been whipped by Google's sudden algorithmic shifts, then you should know by now that going for typical gray hat ammunition will get you nowhere. You need a solid SEO strategy that produces tangible results. This year you may specifically need to rethink and reassess your existing approach. In other words, you need to keep your SEO on track.

Word about SEO's death has diffused like wild fire. Is there truth behind this statement? Most SEO analysts and experts beg to disagree. The year of 2013 won't display the demise of SEO, but rather that change of direction when it comes to determining website rankings. Unlike previous years, this year's SEO will resemble a massive popularity contest: websites with a massive follower population and have solid support from users are seen to dominate the tight race to the top of SERPs.

Two of the hottest SEO predictions this year include the farewell of black hat SEO and the rise of blog commenting and social media.

AussieWeb's chief exec Monte Huebsch states that the popularity-based metric for rankings will absolutely accelerate the gradual death of shady optimisation techniques. This year, if site popularity becomes central to Google's algorithms, backlinking, cloaking and other black hat SEO techniques which violated Google's specifications will no longer be effective. This trend will finally render black hat SEO as irrelevant to the SEO context.

The significance of blog commenting and social media interaction can't be denied this year. Huebsch conveyed the idea that blog commenting and social media interaction enable brands and enterprises to interact with their followers and peers. This desire to develop meaningful interactions with the rest of the virtual community is key to reputation management.

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