mercredi 27 mars 2013

Effective Link Building

By Jossef Sal

All professional SEO companies and services provide one way link building as part of their service, but what we will explain here and want to show you is one way link building service focus on high quality and high PR link building taking in consideration all the latest updates on Google search algorithm.

Most link building and SEO services provide one way back links from directory submissions, article marketing, social media, press release and content sharing. And we have not notice any change in the most popular services in this business in the last year.

Knowing that Google latest updates make directory submissions and article marketing and even social media marketing not only less effective but can be very dangerous and could result of losing ranking if not getting your website panned from Google; you need to find the service that consider all the changes made by any search engine algorithm, and provide the best high quality back links, to insure increase in your ranking not otherwise.

Today, after all Google updates, the most effective link building strategies are:

1. Wiki submissions with relevant, unique and good quality content.

2. Guest posting on high traffic and relevant blogs.

3. Press Release distribution.

4. Private Blog networks with relevant topic, high quality and unique content, and spam safe blogs.

5. Video marketing.

If you look at those one way link building strategies you can see that the focus is on Content, and authority sites, no more back links from low authority or low page rank sites. And getting even few back links from authority sites is much effective than getting masses of back links from low authority sites; but it also show you that getting this kind of back links requires much more hard work and time.

And if you are planning to do it all by yourself, you will be required to write a lot of original content and spend a lot of your time posting and submitting this content on high authority sites. Too much work and too much time for an individual to do, and if you are competing on average or high competitive search term, we don't think you will succeed.

So our recommendation for this year 2013 is using link building services that focus on those strategies with minimum investment and high results.

Our research brought us last year to Link Emperor

We have been using their services for more than a year, and while we were using their service we noticed that they always change and update their link building strategy according to the newest updates, and they always predict the safest way to get back links without triggering Google algorithm and keep their customers satisfied with the results.

Today they have added their video marketing strategy that not only generate high authority back links but also generate high targeted traffic to their customer's pages. We have noticed huge increase on our traffic since we started to use their video marketing strategy.

I don't say you need a link building service, maybe you can do it all by yourself or finding some cheap freelancers to help you out, and especially if your website is not monetized and will not cover those expenses, but in the other hand if you have a business website, or you have a personal blog and want to increase traffic and can monetize it to cover marketing expenses, so I will recommend a link building service such as link emperor.

You can make your own research, or you can have some cheap effective link building tools that can help you create more back links easier and faster.

some link building tools will allow you to automate some of the link building strategies and make it easier for you to benefit from different marketing strategies you have not used yet, personally i highly recommend using link building tools when you have too many links, domains and blogs, and you need always to promote all of them. And even if you only have one domain, it is very recommend to create a free private blog networks from Google Blogspot and Wordpress; then link from this private blog network to your main domain, then use tools to promote your network.

Some said in the last year that SEO is dead; there is nothing more wrong than this in the internet marketing world, and as long as people still using search engines SEO will be the most effective internet marketing strategy. And no matter what marketing strategy you are using, you need always to target search engine traffic.

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