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How Can A Programmer Profit From Fourerr apart from providing cheap SEO Services?

By Heather Goodwill

One of the most well liked services that Fourerr desires is programming. Take a quick look at the site and you need to see diverse programmers earning decent money out of it. With the right data, strategies and some creativeness, any programmer can earn in Fourerr. Even you can make additional revenue out of it.

There are that many types of programmers, every one concentrating on a specific area of the broad topic of programming. The sort of programming that you do will decide how you can make a moneymaking enterprise out of it.

Check out the different types of programmers together with the ways that they have made a decent income out of it.

PHP/HTML Services

These are the top programmers on Fourerr. PHP and HTML are the number one languages used in sites so every business out there's sure to have one or need one at some point. You should folks needing these programmers everyday and this would make for an excellent chance to make a quick buck or 2. Such a pay may not be practical enough to make a domain and get it active but there are still so many more ways you can earn money from this gig. These are some of them.

- Code cleanup. This job should be very easy on a PHP or HTML programmer therefore if you are good at reorganizing, you may be able to handle a number of projects in a day. Cleaning and commenting on code will save firms so much cash down the road when major alterations will need to be done to it.
- Script debugging. This is a great deal different from debugging sites as script debugging only requires a brief period of time. If you are good at this, you can already make a customer happy by debugging their scripts in only a couple of minutes.
- Module installation. There are that many PHP programmers today that are tasked to install modules, forms and forums on their sites. The reason for this is because of the fact that this is a very fast job and will give the purchaser great value for their investment.
- Manuals. There are instances when a buyer will ask you to give them a hand with programming, instead of you doing all of the work. In this case, giving them the necessary directions through a video would give you a refreshing break from being forced to do everything.
- Do not work yourself too much and agree on doing on projects that will only strain you in the final analysis. Be practical with what can be done and what you cannot. If you can do fast work with debugging, cleaning up, and all the gigs noted above, then this should be excellent for you. Otherwise, find another one that will be worth spending your time and effort.

WordPress Services

WordPress is a favored content manager's system widely used in the Net. It is modular and flexible so adding widgets and other elements can expand the capacities of those websites that employ this system. If you're happy with this kind of work, then this just could be the perfect one for you.

- Adding features. There are some WordPress users who wish to add a certain feature to their webpage and yet are totally confused on how to do it. Here is where you come in. In only two of minutes; you have already earned two of dollars.
- Problem fixing. If you're well capable with the WordPress platform, then you can take a gig as a WordPress problem solver. Help clients fix or hack or debug a feature for some quick earnings.
- Related tech. WordPress uses PHP, HTML, CSS, and one or two other languages. If you are good with working with several or possibly even a few of these languages, you can very well do so with WordPress websites.
- S.E.O. If you're fairly goof with search engine optimization, you can take a turn in setting up meta tags as well as reformatting content to make the important words effectively work with search engines. This is a truly well-liked gig job on Fourerr.
- Installation and moving. There are people who start with WordPress on a subdomain but then later on decide that they prefer their own domain. If you have the talents, moving such sites should be a piece of cake.
- Updating. WordPress themes, enhancements and installations will require updating occasionally. This is a truly popular service that many programmers may be able to simply accomplish in only a brief period of time.

Drupal and Joomla Services

With WordPress, these are also very fashionable content management systems. If you've had a good quantity of experience working with these programs, you might be able to achieve the jobs concerned in a brief period of time. Check out the most well liked gigs.

- Debugging. Clients who. Experience customizations that have gone wrong will pay large for a programmer to mend their blunder. Luckily for you, you can easily fix these in only a matter of one or two minutes so you must get large income from this.
- Modules. Installing and configuring modules is easy in these two systems, but folks with no background in programming will have no real idea how to do it. Jump in to their rescue and get this done simply.
- CSS fixes. Fixing CSS is a very popular job in both Joomla and Drupal. These tasks can vary greatly from simple commenting and cleanups to the particular configuration of CSS for a certain website.
- Templates. There are developers who already have setup templates for speedy use so creating new designs for the Joomla or Drupal sites for others will be a convenient project to make money from.
- Moves and transfers. Moving any Joomla or Drupal sites to new domains should take less than 15 minute for a professional programmer. This also goes the same for transferring select files.
- These are merely a few of many money making opportunities you can get into with content management systems. If you can do these gigs well, this could be a great way to get additional revenue.

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