mardi 19 mars 2013

Why Google's Updates Should Not Be Feared

By Froilan Gauss

The Google Panda update of 2011 was a landmark moment for the search engine optimization world on the whole. The primary objective of the Panda release was to ensure that search engine results show really content rich websites in contrast to websites that prosper on the technical aspect of search engine optimization to get good search engine rankings.

The change was a huge success and it ended up affecting upwards of 12 % of all the positions on search engines. However, while Google's objectives were reached with the Panda update, the release ended up sabotaging the SEO efforts of many online entrepreneurs and SEO experts. As a matter of fact, the effects were such that most search engine optimization professionals are fearful every time a Google algorithm modification is released.

However, it appears that earthshaking internet marketing algorithm releases from Google are not as common as most SEO experts providing various SEO services believe it to be.

However, the majority of algorithmic updates from Google, these days, are refreshes. This trend has been evident in the New Year as well. In 2013, Google's first algorithm change was nothing but a refresh of Google Panda update. This is not astonishing because whether you take into account Google's Panda update or Penguin release, one thing that is common to them is that Google has been making an effort to improve upon them since their release.

Since the release of Google Panda update, there have been countless refreshes launched from Google. The effect is that the way Google filters out search results has become better. The best example of this is how the Google Panda release destroyed the rankings of many portals and how the reviews ended up bettering their rankings. Squidoo is one portal that fits this mold. What this means is that, while fear of new Google algorithm releases is uncontrollable in nature, SEO specialists should take heart from the fact that refresher releases are in reality good for them. It is less likely that Google will release bombs like Panda and Penguin releases so often.

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