mardi 5 mars 2013

Gain the Upper Hand Using Facebook Marketing

By Shayne Bodziony

There is more than enough proof that Facebook is an effective means for marketing just about any business. The sheer power of social marketing and Facebook only has huge implications for those who are smart enough to take advantage of it. If you talk to some small businesses, then you will quickly grasp that they do not grasp Facebook. There are many tasks that need to be executed properly, and merely having a fan page is not enough, anymore. We will talk to you more about taking your Facebook marketing to a whole new level.

When you start a Facebook page, keep in mind that you will have certain fans on your page that you will have to interact with. Always answer your wall comments anytime one of your fans writes on it. Don't you answer your business phone when somebody calls in to ask a question and leave a comment? So even though it is a different way to talk to people, it is the same thing as answering the phone. The normal things are just as important with this form of marketing such as sticking with it. There is the same give and take involved here as there is with email marketing. The people who use your page do so by choosing a tab either to write on your wall or read information. One of the nice features about fan pages is that you can highly customize the tabs, and that can be very cool for your fans. For example, you can have a 'Welcome' tab, where you can welcome your new fans and ask them to check out your products/services. Put some thought into how you want your fan page to look because that will have an impact.

The prime method for staying in touch with your fan base is via the page update function. As you grow, you will get more Facebook likes, and that means you have to send out a little something to acknowledge the like. So whenever you have something of value to pass on to your fans, you can send out an update to get them aware. Always respect the time of your fans, and only send out to them when you really feel it is warranted.

Don't just depend on promoting your Facebook page internally, put in the effort to do some external promotion too. Always make things very clear such as how to like your fan page and things such as that. Be sure to use social media marketing on all of your blogs and static websites. Remember this is about numbers but not so much that you will not bother building a relationship. You can also integrate Facebook with other social media platforms so that you can get more people to take notice of your Page. This is really just a bunch of grunt work, and you could probably outsource this type of marketing activity.

Do not forget about good old email marketing, and that should not be overlooked in the Facebook arena. Of course you will need to create your freebie offer so you can give that to your subscribers. Bringing people into your email marketing funnel can be very powerful if you know what to do with them. Email marketing is relationship marketing, and that also applies to Facebook, too. Think about the strategic benefits to your business with Facebook marketing, and this is not hard to do with a little knowledge and elbow grease. Proceed and keep moving forward because that is the only way you will attain success.

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