lundi 11 mars 2013

Tips From One Of The Best SEO Companies On The Planet

By Shannon Roberts

Line up 10 so-called S.E.O professionals and ask every one of them, "What's the best method for getting on the first page of Google?" Just like crabs in a pot they'll begin to step all over one another to blurt out their answers. Chances are high that you will get 10 different answers. Every one will claim to know more than the other.

I am going to share with you some easy systems that if applied you are going to boost your search engine positions. I just read one article on S.E.O that claimed that Google no longer uses the keyword meta tag that many S.E.O experts once depended on in order to get a front page ranking. Even on Google's blog they mention that they no longer use the keyword meta tag. Well if Google says it it has got to be true right? After all it is their search engine and they should know how it functions right?

Well here is how my company is able to get and maintain more number one positions on the front page of Google than any other S.E.O company. The huge secret to SEO is finding the proper keyword phrase (but I am absolutely certain that you knew that). Whatever keyword phrase I'm making an attempt to rank for I will reverse engineer the top 5 ranked sites.

Before I begin my reverse engineering process, I don't have any hard set rules. I only look at the facts. I first need to know what did those top 5 sites do as far as their on-page optimization in order to rank well. Did they use the key phrase in their title tag? Did they use the keyword in the meta tag? What number of words did they have? How many H1 tags were used? Out of those that were used what percentage of those had keyword phrases in them? I continue down my check list and then establish my final conclusion.

The likelihood is that you are on the right train but on the wrong track. What I mean is you always pick the low hanging fruit before climbing the top of the tree and picking the fruit at the very top of the tree. I first target the key-phrases that receive at least 100 searches a day with very little competition. This builds up the confidence with the way that you are viewed by the search engines.

If you continue to reverse engineer what your competitor is doing and do it slightly better, you'll dominate the search engines in no time. Something as easy as optimising your YouTube channel could give you that little business edge over the competition. Remember when it comes down to S.E.O each little bit counts.

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