samedi 9 mars 2013

Negative SEO Explained

By Dorothy Raj

A lot of SEO professionals in the industry are extremely scared of what Google parameter changes can do to their existing SEOcampaigns and rankings. Despite the fact that these Google parameter upgrades can be quite damaging to web pages and their SEO campaigns, they have this impact on all SEO programs of all online businessmen, irrespective of the field they function in. What this means is that algorithm modifications from Google have an equal effect on every web page.

On the other hand, negative SEO is one thing that is much worse than global search engine algorithm modifications. A negative SEO campaign has the capacity to ruin all the effort put in by SEO specialists quite abruptly. It is because of this aspect that it is a hot topic in various SEO discussions across the world.

A resourceful individual can completelydevastate the SEO endeavors of a website by employing the procedure of negative SEO. This is a procedure that entails the use of underhanded attacks in the form of writing fictitious and scathing search engine reviews for that website and creating search engine negative backlinks for pages on that website.

Many SEO services throughout the world currently are receiving internet marketing complaints from online businessmen about their websites being attacked with negative SEO.

The problem with negative SEO is that it is especially difficult to counter. In fact, one of the most frustrating facets of negative SEO is that it cannot be distinguished by website administrators and SEO specialists before it is too late and the damage is already done.

If a web page begins suffering in terms of its search engine rankings, most website owners do not realize that the reason is negative SEO. Half the issue is solved if a website administrator can see that the reason for declining ranks is negative SEO.

After this, the affected pages can be transferred by changing their web page addresses. The web page owner should then concentrate on creating authority in the field and setting up brand value. This is best done with the help of content of good quality.

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