dimanche 17 mars 2013

Review of Current Social Bookmarking Service

By Julie Becker

So today my head is spinning with subjects I could possibly blog about. But just what to blog about? Well, I just love the topic of social bookmarking! I love investigating and I really love that there is so much fantastic info out there. Social Bookmarking has actually developed a whole lot over the last few years and it IS a part of Google's algorithms which calculate Web page Rank and since it's such a relevant subject, I wished to share my ideas on a truly terrific Social Bookmarking Service that I use.

Many of you know that social bookmarking used to be very cumbersome. You used to need to bookmark websites manually !!! You can still do this of course and there are actually some services that have you do that if you can actually believe it ...

With all we need to do today to create a blog with helpful content, utilize strategies to obtain quality back links, create capture web pages so we could create a relationship with individuals, and so on, I discover it's a constant exercise in managing my time.

I'm going to presume that if you are reading this, you know exactly how essential it is to integrate Social Bookmarking into your toolset for developing backlinks. If you are new and want a truly great read on this, have a look at this post by my mentor, Rob Fore.

My personal favorite right now is SocialADR and here's why. It is SO simple to set up. You submit whatever url's you want bookmarked, tweeted, google + 'd, etc., and real people bookmark, tweet, google + and whatever else to your page! AND, pinging is done too.:) And hey, if you're anything like me, when I hear the words 'It's so easy' ... I think a) yeah, right OR b) it probably doesn't do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth here - it works exactly as advertised. It is absolutely impossible not to like this service! If you have actually not used a Social Bookmarking Service yet, you will certainly love this. If you are seasoned and using some form of Social Bookmarking but want to include more or replace what you're doing, here is what I will certainly promise you. It will NOT use up a lot of your important time.

SocialADR is a web-based service and there is a monthly fee to use it. It is VERY budget friendly and you can use it from any computer, anywhere. It is fully automatic. Links drip in at all times of the day because they are NATURAL and offered by genuine people from trusted websites. They pride themselves on quality links that stick! For all these reasons, SocialADR is a hot social bookmarking service!

OK. I was going to keep this post short and simply offer you my take on SocialADR, BUT, I truly need to inform you about this new Social Bookmarking Service.

This service is brought to you by the creators of Unique Article Wizard. If you are not knowledgeable about Unique Article Wizard, get a brief overview right here. And because UAW is a leading article marketing and backlink building service, I think that classifies the Social Exchange Wizard as a hot social bookmarking service!

The Social Exchange Wizard comes free with your UAW membership and is an internal community. You are given|provided a particular # of seeds in your account. You could appoint seeds to promote a given url. For example you can appoint 100 seeds to a blog post and each time somebody in the community tweets it, you send them 10 seeds.

So by giving away seeds to people, you can promote your url with a social signal and by liking, sharing, tweeting someone else's url, you collect seeds. And if you are running a really huge campaign, you can buy additional seeds!

You could restrict the signal to your url's to come from those in the same group as you. The concept is to raise your credibility, gain social impact and trust. Not to mention there are some truly great individuals in there with a lot of expertise! Remember, you come to be most like those you most closely associate.:)

Currently supported Social Networks in the Social Exchange Wizard are Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube.

If you need to promote a blog site and don't presently have Unique Article Wizard, there truly is no reason anymore since your membership also has a social bookmarking service included!

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