dimanche 3 mars 2013

SEO " How To Design Your Website

By Fra Arellano

Your business's website for the world is your website. Your potential customers learn about your company and the goods or services you have got to offer through your web page. However they have to first access your website to learn more about your company. This is why web design optimization is crucial to you. You will be able to reach a wide audience with the right search engine optimization as it improves your web presence.

Your website should be easy to navigate in addition to being well optimized. Search engines add your site to their database as soon as it's indexed. But because search engines are lazy and get easily bored, having confusing and complicated navigation system merely risks not getting entire sections of your website pages indexed.

SEO Singapore advises to never use Flash in your website design. Although Flash images are appealing and attractive to look at, their download time is usually long. This in turn does not support search engine optimization as customers are not patient enough to wait until the images get downloaded. So rather than using Flash images, SEO services recommend including as much keyword optimized articles in your website.

You could also write whatever you desire as website content. When you are writing the content for your web page, just be particular about looking for, and using the right keywords. The words internet surfers use in search engines while searching for your website are these keywords.

It isn't enough to just write your articles and leave it. You have to constantly and regularly add fresh articles to your web page. Visitors might be more interested to visit your website again and again if you have got fresh and useful content waiting for them.

Not just Flash, you must also avoid adding large-file imagery on your website. Although you may assume that it improves the appeal of your web page, bulky image files, embedded music and video clips all take a long time to load. This only gives reason for your customers to leave your web page because they are not ready to waste their time waiting for the images and other information to get downloaded.

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