jeudi 21 février 2013

Internet Jobs For Stay At Home Moms Could Be A Scam!

By Emily Baker

When it comes to stay at home moms there are a lot of jobs on the Internet that seem to market to this population. Are they legitimate or are they just one of the many scams that the introduction of the web has produced? The answer is that both of these types of listings can be found, and for new users and those without any experience the scams may seem to be authentic employment offers that may sound like a fantastic opportunity.

There are a lot of businesses that need help with online marketing and some need help on a regular basis. Search engine optimization (SEO) services can help a business get their site ranked as well as making their site more user friendly. Many of the ads you'll find in this area are legitimate opportunities, but that doesn't mean that they will be easy for you to learn or provide the best chance for you to succeed.

One common scam involved ads looking for "secret shoppers." This is a where a store/company will hire someone to pose as a customer to evaluate how things are operating. While there may be a few real opportunities for this position out there, most of them are scams. Sometimes this involves a person being told that they are hired and then being sent a fake check.

The company tells you to cash the check, deduct a specific amount for the purchases required and your fee, and then return the balance of the check to the sender. What happens is that the check ends up bouncing, you are on the hook for the entire amount, and the individual behind the scam has your money and can not be located. Usually the perpetrator is in a foreign country where law enforcement has few if any options in order to apprehend or prosecute the criminal.

You will also find a lot of ads for surveys online that will target stay at home moms. The ads will say that you will get paid for filling out the surveys, but the truth is that you will just be redirected to dozens of sites and forced to sign up for offers in order to qualify. When you sign up for an offer, the owner of the site will get paid, and most people find the amount of time it takes not worth the tiny payment you may make if you finally sort through all the offers, so this is really just a scam to make money for the owner of the site.

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