dimanche 24 février 2013

Creating Fresh Topics for your Blog

By Cyndi Hubric

Coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts is one of the hardest parts of managing a blog. If you aren't certain where and how to do your research, then things could get quite hard for you, especially if your blog needs fresh content regularly. In this article, we will be looking at various methods you can use to come up with fresh content for your blog.

Go to a function within your industry and talk to those who have the same experiences as you do. This is a sensational way to get topics for your posts because they have a lot of people and activities going on. You can basically ask others to share their ideas with you. Just converse with them and talk about your blog.

Leverage your existing network of friends and associates to come up with post ideas that are unique. You can use social media sites and submit posts on Facebook and LinkedIn about your need to get new subjects for your posts. Simply put, you are using your network to your benefit in order to get an idea about what topics will be interesting on your current blog. In a short amount of time, you will discover that your connections will reply with different kinds of topics that they want to see on your blog. This will give you the opportunity to continue going to them to get their feedback and understand why they are requesting particular topics. This will allow you to peel back the onion and possibly get even more blog topics.

Another way to get more ideas from your readers is to run a contest. Not only will you gain invaluable input from your audience, but you will also be engaging them. Offer them a blank space to fill in their answer and you could even give out a small price for the best answer. This way you can compile a pretty long list of ideas you can use. Don't forget that your readers can be a valuable asset in finding good ideas for your posts.

All in all, this article talks about how getting unique content involves thinking outside of the box. Every strategy talked about is because someone was thinking differently. As you continue, you will find more ways to get new blog posts that people want to read.

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