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Building Your Twitter Followers Using The Little Assistance From Your Pals

By Nathaniel Blackburn

You are most likely reading this because you have realized your Twitter account needs more followers. We have all wondered how some Twitter accounts are able to have such a large following. While our own account only have a few hundred. This is especially irritating if we have taken the time to grow our followers the hard way by tweeting to everyone and following all the rules. We all know that the more followers your have the easier it is to gain new followers each day. The question is how can we get that a bunch of twitter accounts to follow you?

The reason for wanting more Twitter followers is immense . Some people just want to look cool and brag about how many followers they have. On the other hand, there are many others that know that more followers could mean money in the bank.

When people see thousands of followers next to the little birdie on a website they tend to think that this site is well respected and therefore it should be a safe place to shop. It is sales tactic that not only works but works extremely well.

Decide Why You Need Followers

If you are only adding twitter followers because you want to look cool then all I can say is... Go for it. I don't personally see a need to have 1000's of followers if they will give you nothing in return, but if this is something you desire and helps you feel important then do it.

Whichever reason you feel you need obtain more follower, this fact remains, you must take precautions when adding twitter followers. Do not begin adding 1000's of twitter followers to your account without first taking the precautions I have laid out in this article.

The Magic List Of Followers

One method of obtaining followers is by finding a list of twitter accounts that use auto follow backs and begin the the process of clicking each and everyone and waiting a few days for them to follow you back. These accounts are using a service that typically costs money. Once a day, once a week or sometimes once a month this service will start following back all new followers.

Don't believe it just cause the say it. Don't trust that all twitter accounts that state they will follow back everyone. In fact it is a common ploy for these people to do this just to obtain new followers with no intention to ever follow back anyone.

Time To Find Another Way To Get Followers

The time has come to face reality, you have tried getting free Twitter Followers and it did not work. You are sick of trying so hard by following everyone and only getting a few followers in return. You are now ready to enter the world of paid twitter followers.

Most of the companies that sell followers will be selling you bots. Bots are basically a fake account meant to look real. They are set up using a software program and have never really been touched by a live person. They tend to be very quite and often never tweet at all.

Taking The Steps To Prevent Account Suspension

Phony followers have found there way into your account. Now what? Phony followers do not equal bad followers, fake followers are typically very quite, but not bad. The important thing here is you must understand how to cover up all of the phony followers so that your account does not look completely fake.

There is no need to be worried if your new followers have fake looking accounts. All you need to do next is us the secret link found at the end of this article to obtain 900 Twitter accounts that will follow you back. Follow the instructions and follow each account, within around 7 days you will have real accounts stacked above your fake accounts. Now, if someone looks at your accounts they will see a very long list of real accounts.

One More Thought For The Day

One last consideration to make when buying followers. Some companies offer to give targeted followers. The cost is much higher but might be something to consider if you are trying to build a targeted list of followers.

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