dimanche 24 février 2013

Evaluating the Future of Online Marketing

By Jason D. Shropshire

Today, around 50 % of website traffic is taken from search results and search engines have been used by individuals of many parts of the world when it comes to satisfying their business needs. Though social networks have been applied by people in promoting their offerings, these websites may only be trusted when it comes to second opinions and feedbacks about a particular service or product. In the internet world, searching for offerings can be still be properly done through the aid of search engines. Below are potential trends that are associated with the future of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO - The internet will still be conquered by websites which own relevant and fresh links as well as content but there might be more personalized and location-specific search results. Today, search engines have been focusing on publication-date, geo-location, mobile device browsers, media content and previous behavior. Social Search and real-time search are innovations that Google introduced. There must be more comprehensive, relevant and personalized content which publishers will give so that search engines will get it indexed. Therefore, generating leads in the online marketing world can be possible by examining keywords, content and links in local content, mobile websites as well as social networking.

Email Marketing - There's also a bright future for email marketing simply because social media has been incorporated by email providers together with email. The internet world has launched Google buzz, a great addition to Gmail social functions to create buzz. This network can be brought to the surface by Google buzz by quickly setting up a user to follow anybody who he chats with and sends email message to most of the time. This enables for easy and convenient use of sharing experience which generously incorporates links, movies and photographs. With this, it has also become easier to share privately or publicly.

Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search - Paid search advertising is meant to acquire quick website traffic and presence in the first page of search results for defined key phrases. People are expected to click on relevant ads as search engines have always been the leading way to get information. Also, the fee for the PPC will still be affordable. PPC systems can utilize mobile technology offering the ultimate advantage. Big timers in the internet industry will not mind spending money to run PPC campaigns once they continue to obtain great returns.

Social Media Networking - These days, there are numerous people who utilize social media in their daily lives; therefore, it is a good decision to invest in these media. Google has begun to focus its interest on social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and also Twitter and they are indexed in search results. Actually, social media networking is still in its initial stage. But over time, social network sites will be offering more interactivity and including features such as Wiki and RSS with the use of Web 2.0. Hence, the future of web marketing will be greatly affected by social media networking.

Mobile Marketing - Mobile marketing is comprised of practices that allow companies to interact and communicate with their target audience in a relevant and interactive way by using any mobile network or device. These days, there are a lot of people who utilize devices including Google android phones and iPhones that are equipped with powerful mobile commerce giving an abundant space to converge the internet and mobility. Offering mobile solutions including mobile e-mail marketing, mobile sites, mobile application creation, mobile texting and location-specific marketing at a low cost is the recent online marketing trend. With mobile phones, channels such as mobile pages, SMS, virtual couponing and also online sale collateral are being opened.

Online Videos - Using internet videos is important because of its interactivity feature which greatly impacts users. With such videos, users can easily share them at a low cost. Because YouTube has started to become a good and convenient way to produce steady site traffic, internet marketers can invest on video marketing.

Blogging - New and popular bloggers will continue to get the most of writing a blog according to seo dallas tx experts. Every site can publish new and top quality content periodically as search engines are likely to get such content indexed. Thus, it's possible to convert leads to clients by creating high quality blogs and content. Also, majority of large article directories will request the submission of quality and unique content and they're willing to pay their members with improved credibility, more sales and also increased website traffic.

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