jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Top Strategies For Getting More From Your Niche Market

By Doug Mandy

No matter what stage you are with your online marketing career, it's wise to learn as much as you can about SEO. Since the field is always evolving, there is always more to learn on this topic. But someone just starting out has the hardest time, as they must learn everything from the basics on up. You'll find that it's not as complicated as it may first appear, so don't let the new terminology scare you. You don't actually need that much information to start actively applying what you've learned to your business. The great thing about this kind of knowledge is that once you have it, you can apply it to unlimited websites down the road.

Certain psychological principles come into play, as advertising is really all about reaching people on an emotional level. Today, this type of information is readily available if you know where to look, meaning any business can benefit from it. In many cases, the most valuable research is out there but has to be uncovered, meaning you can't just rely on the usual marketing forums and blogs to find it.

While certain responses to colours are fairly standard, it's also true that men don't react to colours the same way that women do. You will need to determine the kind of emotional response you want to encourage, and that will give you choices with colour. Large companies have known about this for a long time and use it in all of their marketing campaigns.

Don't limit yourself to targeting only one type of keyword when doing SEO for your site. You should include both phrases that are harder to rank for as well as easier phrases. Start by doing everything you can to rank some of the less challenging pages. At the same time that you are ranking the easier pages, you should also do some backlinking for the harder ones as well. By starting to rank some easier pages right off the bat, you then set the stage for the search engines to begin ranking the tougher ones as well. This is not a new strategy, but if you are new to IM this will give you a very solid plan that you can do.

Before choosing your site's theme, do your market research and determine if your audience is likely to be primarily male or female (or both). Even more importantly, the theme should create a mood that's consistent with your business or products. This is the type of fundamental issue that is often ignored by people starting their first business website. In your research, it's a good idea to also check out some of your competition and see how their sites are designed.

If you think about it, there are many different age groups in the many niches and markets out there. Although there are exceptions to the rule, there are many different markets that cross age group boundaries regularly. So what you should do if you are serious about your marketing is learn how to reach out to all the groups with your copy. What you need to do is appeal to every age group, and you can do this with your writing if done the right way. More than likely, you already have an idea of how to accomplish this, but finding out more information is useful too. Then you need to often provide a balance so you do not favour one or the other while appealing to both.

For marketing to be effective, it must take into account people's natural reactions to different elements. You should think about who your intended audience is and target them appropriately. The more familiar you are with your audience, the more easily you can communicate in the most effective manner. Don't, however, expect people to respond to everything with mathematical precision as this isn't the way things work in the real world. That is a reflection of the human factor because people violate rules of expected behaviour all the time.

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